A guide to the various services available to support the organizer in managing their event. There are also services outside this facility and ones not mentioned here that we can introduce you to so please contact us with any queries.

Catering Service

Catering ServiceIn the Convention Center we also offer formal dinner service from a first-grade hotel after international conferences. Not only formal dinners, but also buffet parties for big numbers or casual parties for smaller groups, packed lunch offered at the conference rooms – we offer food and beverage catering services for each venue regardless of the number of people. The meals, as well as the waiting service are naturally of the same quality as that offered in high-grade hotels, which allows the satisfactory entertaining of visitors from all over the world.

Event Support

Event SupportWe offer the following services (extra charges apply). Please do not hesitate to request those from the sales office.

  • Entertainment arrangements (singers, vaudeville, bands, MCs, etc.)
  • Commemorative photographing service
  • Babysitters (including dispatching)
  • Accommodation assistance
  • Shuttle Bus
  • Vehicles for hire (Taxi)
  • Copying
  • Launch parties
  • Tea ceremony preparations

Recommended Businesses Introduction Service

floral decorationsIn regards to the following tasks, the Convention Center can introduce recommended businesses and prepare cost estimates. Please feel free to inquire.
Signboards, operators, floral decorations, displays, electrical work, filming, temporary staffing, etc.

Business Center (11F)

Business CenterThe Business Center offers support services for event and conference organizers from 8:30 AM to 6:00 PM on the Convention Center’s open days (from January 4 to December 28).
We have a variety of services beginning with copying, event preparations and ceremonies, and large-format color output necessary for making of conference materials.

Copying, faxing, printing, bookbinding, business cards, delivery service, office supply sales, etc.