Regarding loading and unloading

Where is loading and unloading carried out?

Please utilize the Loading and Unloading Pathway

  • Pre-registration is required for vehicles loading and unloading. For more information, please contact your sales representative.
  • Keeping vehicles in the loading area is not allowed. Instead please leave the building premises or move to the regular vehicles parking area.
  • The height limit of the loading and unloading exit is 3.7m, so please take extra care.

What things should one be aware of when carrying out loading and unloading?

  • Organizers should try to schedule deliveries and other activities so that vehicles do not cause traffic on local roads.
  • The organizer is supposed to appoint managing personnel and be present even in case a related company is carryout out the job.
  • Please make efforts to preserve silence as much as possible during transportation and take care not to create damage to the walls and floors of the premises.
  • Protective coating is required in case of loading and unloading of heavy materials and set locations. Please carry out advanced meetings regarding the protective coating method, floor load limit, and pathways.
  • Vehicles without the “Compatible Vehicle Mark” issued by Osaka Prefecture are not allowed entrance.