Regarding the facilities

Where can I find general information?

An information counter is available next to the 1st floor main entrance.

It seems that I have lost/forgotten something in the building.

Please contact us.

Is smoking allowed within the Building?

The whole Convention Center is a non-smoking area.
1For smoking please use the smoking corner next to the 1st floor Plaza Stage. Please understand that smoking is not allowed inside of the conference rooms and waiting rooms.

Please tell us about the impediments removal facilities.

All facilities are equipped with elevators, slopes, toilets, seating space, vending machines, and parking space for people in wheelchairs.

Parking space
The parking fee in case of disabled drivers or passengers may be reduced. Please present your physical disability certificate at the counter in such cases.
Ostomate toilets Available inside of the 6th floor Main Hall and on the 11th floor.