The main hall suits its name in being the main area in this facility, seating up to 2754 people, with a 20m wide stage, large screen, music, lighting, and simultaneous interpretation facilities provided. There are eight dressing and waiting rooms inside the facility, conference rooms 501 and 502, and an all purpose room (foyer) that can be useful for large events.
There are many uses, not just large scale conferences but also ceremonies, presentations, concerts, lectures and classes.


Main Hall
Main Hall

Main Hall

  • The moveable stage can be arranged in an end, flat, or center configuration.
  • Various combinations of stage position (end, flat, or center), hall splitting (whole or split in two halves), and seating configuration (floor level only or floor level and balcony seating) can be used to allow for the accommodation of audiences from 1,200 to 2,754 persons.
  • The executive-class seats on the floor level provide a 60-cm seat width and a 1-m space among rows for the utmost in comfort.
  • Seats on the floor level are all equipped with compact fold-away A3-size writing tables, which can be used when needed.

Facility details

Stage configuration End Flat Center
Whole hall use Split hall use
Big hall Small hall
Stage size Width 27m
Depth 19m
Width 27m
Depth 15m
Width 27m
Depth 4m
Width 27m
Depth 35m
Width 27m
Depth 21m
Seating capacity Floor level
seating only
1,706 people 1,200 people 328 people 1,200 people 1,528席
Floor level and
balcony seating
2,754 people 2,248 people 2,248 people 2,576 people

Examples of use

End stage type (using the whole hall End stage type (using the whole hall)
2,754 seats (including 15 wheelchair seats)
End stage type (split in two halves) End stage type (split in two halves)
2,248 seats (including 15 wheelchair seats)
Flat stage type Flat stage type
2,248 seats (including 15 wheelchair seats)
Center stage type Center stage type
2,576 seats (including 19 wheelchair seats)


Venue name Area(㎡) Ceiling
Seating capacity based on configuration Others
1F Main Hall Seating 1,706
501~2 91 3.0 13.9 6.5 98 51 42
501 48 3.0 7.3 6.5 40 27 24
502 43 3.0 6.6 6.5 40 27 18

Outline of Main Equipment

Large-scale video equipment Fixed projectors(31000 lumens)
Front projection screens
Full Hall,End-stage Configuration(height 6.8m by width 20m)
Large hall(height 5.7m by width 20m)
Small hall(height 5.2m by width 20m)
Rear projection screen(height 7m by width 20m)
imultaneous interpretation system Simultaneous interpretation system for eight languages (eight permanent booths with an infrared transmission system)
Battens Lighting battens and battens for backdrops

Usage Map

501~502 Theater style Theater style
(for video presentations)
501~502 Classroom style Classroom style
(for video presentations)
501・502 Theater style Theater style
(for video presentations)
501・502 Classroom style Classroom style
(for video presentations)

Fees for Facility Usage