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About the Company

Company name Osaka International Convention Center Corporation
Location 5-3-51 Nakanoshima, Kita-ku, Osaka City, 530-0005 Japan
TEL:(06)4803-5555 (Main) / FAX:(06)4803-5620
Capital 600 million yen (1 billion authorized capital)
Founded Aug 9th, 1958
Major business details
  1. Planning, promoting, and holding of international and national conferences in addition to cultural, academic, artistic and other events
  2. Planning, promoting, and holding of domestic and foreign goods fairs and exhibitions
  3. Leasing and management of the Osaka Prefectural International Convention Center’s conference facilities, exhibition halls, and any additional facilities and equipment, as well as management and operation of the adjacent parking lot and restaurants.
  4. Travel agency business based on the travel agency law

Facility Overview

img_gaikanThe facility is located in Nakanoshima in the center of Osaka. This facility can be used for various activities such as different types of conferences, concerts, exhibitions, providing a high-quality service emphasizing bringing people of different nationalities together through various exchanges.
The Osaka International Convention Center Corporation was founded as a joint venture between Osaka Prefecture and the Osaka business community. Inheriting the foundation from the time of the former Osaka International Trade Center, the company was entrusted by Osaka Prefecture with the management of the Osaka International Convention Center.

Name Grand Cube Osaka (Osaka Prefecture International Convention Center)
Location 5-3-51 Nakanoshima, Kita-ku, Osaka City, 530-0005 Japan
Designed by Kurokawa,Epstein & Arup Consortium
Opening date April 2000
Design scale
Construction subject
Osaka Prefecture
Site area
Approx. 10,000m²
Building area
Approx. 6,700mm²
Floor area
Approx. 67,000m²
Steel frame
(the basement floors are made of a steel frame and reinforced concrete)
13 stories plus 3 basement levels
Approx. 104 m
Event Calendar
Traffic Access
  • By Public Transpotation
  • By Car
Restaurants & Cafes
Tourism Information